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I just want to add my two cents worth. If the guy is an illegal alien, call the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. There should be an office somewhere in Virginia. I am not saying they will run out and check, but that is your duty as an American. You pay taxes, and you also have all the required documentation for your business. I would not feel bad at all. The illegal aliens in the U.S. have broken our banks/back. The problem lies is that no one does anything about it other than complain to friends, not authorities. But with all the political gander about Immigration issues it is somewhat unlikely that they will run out and arrest him. PM me I can fill you in more not in a public forum. Sorry to rant here, this just gets under my skin. I feel for you. See this is a prime exmple where the American is doing everything right and above the law, yet he is being held back. Just not right in my book. I deal with this daily.
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