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Originally Posted by lwdbo View Post
hello everone a new come here and like all the rest i need
i bought a 55 gal stainless steel barrel because i didnt want to deal with the burn outs , sanding etc...
my intentions were to have to cooking grates and use the weber top.
now here lyes my problem//
the barrel is 23" not 22.5"
any suggestions ??
i was thinking to cut it and weld a 1/2 piece but a friend of mine said that the metal is to thin and it will warp..
any suggestions will help
thank you in advance !!
I used a SS drum as well. I had to flare out my kettle lid lip a little to overcome the dimension difference. I added a strip of gasket all the way around on the inside of the lid.
I used ss bolts with a lock-nut assmbly to support the grates.
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