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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
Congrats on your event! We need more of these backyard shows.

I wouldn't spend too much time or money on advertising beyond your local media - your prize money isn't enough to pull cooks from more than a county away.
thats what i was thinking. since it is our 1st year, we are trying to start small. i only have room for 50 teams in adult and about 30 teams in the kids q. payout breakdown is as follows.

ribs 1st = 500 2nd =300 3rd = 200
chicken 1st = 500 2nd =300 3rd =200
kids q 1st = 100 2nd = 75 3rd = 50
Grand Champion (riibs / chicken) is 500.

i would love to give more prize $, maybe next year if were successfull this year we can. thanks for the input, lord knows i will take all the input i can get .
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