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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Since it is not my build, or my money, I am gonna throw this out there.

Have you considered the idea of attaching, or accomodating, a rotisserie somewhere on the unit?

Chain drive or cable drive? I know cables are easier and all, but, using motorcycle chain is a very cool and beefy look. If you go cable, please use a cable that is thicker, you can get them at Westmarine, they look better than that stupid mini-cable people always use.


You can read minds can't you!! LOL I've been wanting to talk about that for so long now and I continue to forget to ask. So any ideas that would work really well. Any sites you can recommend or can you recommend one for me? I found these: , but I don't know if this is what I need or something different.

Can you show me a design I can incorporate into the grill?

Also on the chain vs. steel cable can you tell me how to incorporate a chain and what would be needed that sounds awesome. How would the chain wrap up when raising the grates etc..??

Thanks again!
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