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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Are you reinforcing the corners of the larger grate? I see potential problems with racking of the grate that is that large. The cross-braces under the grate will not be adequate to prevent corner racking. Neither will the welds. You might want to consider traingular gussets at the vertical supports, extending a few inches along the side, this would provide some resistance to twisting of the frame.

Considering the weight of the racks, especially the larger one, a 24" or 30" diameter wheel is a better choice, your leverage will just be better.
Originally Posted by Will work for bbq View Post
Another option to the two gussets on the vertical channel would be to replace the flat bar bridge with a 1 piece gusset (red) that acts as a doubler in that area. If you really wanted to beef it up further you could cap or box both sides in (cap shown in green).
Originally Posted by razrbakcrzy View Post
Try this design for your corner gussett's give the corner's a little radius the hole will let any fluid that collects drip through or heat up and vaporize.. Hope it helps...
^^^^^^^^This is why I am PROUD to be a member of this place. Everyone is always willing to give a hand.

Bob thanks for the heads up on the wheel size, I was thinking a smaller wheel (around 15-18") at first but after getting the small one built and then weighing it I wasn't sure how a smaller one would work

Thanks for the great ideas all. I knew I wanted to add some gussets but I wasn't sure what they were going to look like. Now we have all kinds of ideas.

I really like that idea for the doubler Will work for BBQ. I think we will incorporate that into the big one and I may add a triangle piece to the top of flat bar to make them look the same. The smaller rack is too far along to tear apart again

Awesome ideas keep them coming
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