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Default Dealing with illegal aliens per say

How do you as a barbecue business handle when someone starts catering, selling road side concessions, advertising and facebooking all around and they are not legal at all? Do you just let them hang themselves or turn them in? How does the health dept look at you if you say something to them about your illegal competition? Do they look at you like a tattle tail or thankful for the info?

At first when the one I am in question about started up I did not pay much attention and thought heck he is probably just trying to feed babies like I am. But the more I thought about it and the more he is jumping out in public as my competition I feel like he is taking money away from my babies with the unfair advantage of not having all the equipment, licences and gov fees that I have to pay and he does not. I don't mind competition but the playing field should be leveled so that he has the expense other than just a cooker and a pop up tent.

What should I do?
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