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Ok Brethren if I told you guys, you wouldn't believe me but this is my 3rd attempt at posting this and hopefully this will be it. I was continously closing the pages to get other stuff done as I was uploading to this page lol and so I lost everything.

So the below pics are from last Friday to show you all where we are at in our build. Please feel free to comment any way and inform us on what you see that can be done better or stronger etc... don't shy away from asking us "WHY?" we are doing something a certain way because this is all new to us as well. We are looking to all our Brethren out there to help make this one hell of a great build. Hope you all enjoy the pics and thank you all who have gave us input so far.

Also if anyone on this site can help me out with a Cinder Block Masonry questions who knows their masonry laying etc.. please please please message me I have some questions that are probably simple. Since this who SMG will be dropped into a masonry pit :)

The below picture is the small grate that we took back apart to change some design flaws that we saw that you saw in the first set of pictures I posted. For one we added double SS bar supports instead of single. We also removed the square tubing as it was proving to be a pain and getting in the way of the with having to put one of the grate rods through it. So we placed a flat steel piece and drilled 2 holes in it and this will be welded to the grate frame and the guid rail.

Next we attached the guide rail on prior to placing all the grate rods in and starting the weld.

Chad welding the small grate which measure 14"x30"

View of the small grate on it's side after 50% weld completed

Close up of the bottom side of the small grate showing how we spaced the SS support bars and the clearance between them and the top grate rods

Weld 75% completed at this point on the small grate.

Close up showing the rail guide and the flat steel piece I mentioned in the beginning. As you can see that flat support bar has the 2 support rods underneath going into it. The plate still needs to be welded to the frame. Also the weld points still need to be cleaned up.

And so the building of the BEAST grate has begun. In the picture below we have the completed small grate at 14"x30" and the large grate with a bootle of beer on top for size comparison coming in at 34"x30" when we weighed the completed small grate it came in at 37lbs. so we are estimating 70+ lbs. for this large grate.

So what's left: LOTS! I said we are working on the large grate so that will need to be all square up and we need to fabricate the cross support rods , drill out the flat support plate that they will go through and then weld it all together. We still need to the get the wheels bent that will adjust the grates and also work on the fram that this will all attach to. So stay tuned to many more pics.

Don't forget we want to hear our Brethren members on what you see that can be improved or what doesn't make sense etc...or what you do/don't like about it. Trust us we are learning as we go too!
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