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Default Restaurant Review - Coach's and Smokin Okie

I've posted a little information, but our first "official" review is out.

Here's a quote from the Food Editor that says it all :D
Folks often ask me where to find the best barbecue in town. The usual answer I give is, “There's a lot of good places, but I'm still looking for the best.”
The looking is over. Coach's in Bricktown, 20 S Mickey Mantle Drive, is now home to my favorite barbecue. Yes, that Coach's. Believe it
You know, winning a contest or a category or similar things is awesome. But when the Food Editor of the Paper says that about you, it makes you feel great about your food. Love it when others love it as much as I do.

Okay, you nitpickers will find a few verbal misques (I meant to say outside of Kansas City) but go easy on me. Only one take to get to this video in, and there was SO much more video they took, you missed my ribs, they were $$$$ that day.

Now, the challenge. Do that every day, day in, day out. And in two restaurants. But my philosophy is if it's not good enough for me to eat, why sell it? It's tough, I've learned a lot about restaurants, still much more to learn every day.

It's a great start, I'll keep you up on the journey.


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