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Please think of this subforum, and the Throwdown contests within as a friendly backyard neighborhood BBQ block party with a friendly, themed BBQ contest as part of the festivities.

Each week we will feature a new "Category". To enter the contest, you must cook a dish that is in line with the category, and submit the photo(s) of your dish in that Throwdown category thread.

Here are the rules

1. Standard forum rules for this website apply and are enforced. These rules can be found here:
Please make sure you have read and understand these rules before posting in the Throwdowns.

2. This competition is open to any and all members of the BBQ Brethren of any skill level. Nobody will be turned away. One of the best things a new member can do is jump right in to these competitions. You will surely find many new friends here who will be more than happy to provide accolades, encouragement and friendly advice along with expert tips and tricks to improve your skills. By participating regularly you will probably find yourself becoming a better cook or a better photographer. This is a common side effect reported by people who participate regularly. Even the seasoned veterans get new ideas and learn things in these Throwdown competitions. But the best part of all is that you will get to EAT the delicious creations you make, whether they win or lose!

3. To enter your dish in a Throwdown it must first follow all rules defined in this post. To make your entry, please create a post in the Throwdown ENTRY thread for the category that you wish to enter. You must clearly state at the BEGINNING of your post that you intend for your post to be an official entry into the Throwdown, and it must be clear enough that the moderator understands your intention. This can be as simple as saying, "Please accept this as my entry into this Throwdown". Any post that does not state this intent at the beginning of their post, or does not say so in a clear enough manner for the moderator to understand WILL NOT be included in the Voting for that Throwdown.

4. Entries must match the featured Throwdown category. It is your responsibility to read the opening post in the Throwdown which you plan to enter and ensure you fully understand the category before entering it. If your entry does not match the category it could be disqualified by the moderator. No excuses for misunderstanding the category will be tolerated for entries that the moderator finds to violate this rule.

5. Entries must be Grilled or Smoked during the cooking process, or must prominently feature Grilled or Smoked ingredients which you prepared. Photos of your food on the grill or smoker are encouraged but not required (we love action shots).

6. Entries must be prepared during the time that the Throwdown Category is accepting entries. This period of time is specified in the first post of each Throwdown Category.

7. Team entries are allowed. Please specify the team name when making your entry, otherwise the name of the member who posted the entry will be listed as the entries creator in the VOTE thread.

8. All pictures must be submitted by the stated deadline in the opening post of the Throwdown category. If technical difficulties prevent you from posting your pictures by this stated time, please PM the moderators and we will do our best to have your entry included in the voting thread.

9. Only one picture from your entry can be used for voting, so please specify which one you want used, otherwise the moderator will choose and the moderators decision is final. You are allowed to enter more than once but only one of your entries can be used in the voting thread (for example if you want to enter a second dish that will replace your first one). You must CLEARLY state which entry is the one you want to go to the vote thread. Otherwise the moderators will choose for you and that decision will be final. If the moderator did not choose the photo/entry you explicitly specified, please send the moderators a PM and we will do our best to correct the issue.

10. You ARE allowed to touch up your photos for clarity, or to add the dish/item to a more interesting background if you like.

11. By posting your photos, you are granting consent for your posted text and photos to be displayed on this website, and are also granting consent for reuse of your text and photos for other BBQ Brethren related postings or materials.

12. If you have ANY problems with ANY of the entries, believing them not to be qualified for ANY reason, please use the VOTE thread and exercise your power of voting against those entries. DO NOT post any complaints in the Throwdown threads about any entry. DO NOT complain about those entries to the moderators. DO NOT complain to the person who made the entry via PM or any other means, as this could be construed as a personal attack which is against forum rules. Any complaints or attacks posted in any Throwdown thread will be deleted, or worse.

13. If you have ANY problems with a particular Throwdown, for ANY reason, please remember that participation in these Throwdowns is voluntary and you can always choose to not participate in that particular Throwdown.

14. If you are having problems with the behavior of any members who are violating this site's rules of behavior, please follow the standard guidelines for this website and report these issues to the moderator team.

15. If the moderators finds an entry to have violated any of the posted rules, then the moderators reserves the right to disqualify the entry.

16. Please remember that younger members or children/grandchildren of our members also participate in the Throwdowns, so please keep all posts in the Throwdown ENTRY and VOTE threads family friendly. Looser discussions are allowed in the DISCUSSION threads, but please do not go beyond innuendo towards becoming vulgar or you will be asked to tone it down and possibly moderated.
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