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Default Brisket in MA and Walmart Brisket Q's

Any Massachusetts based brethren out there have a good source for a full packer brisket? I know Restaurant Depot probably has them but I am not a KCBS member. Do all RD's allow a day pass for KCBS members? We have one in Needham, MA which isn't too far from me.

I was in the Walmart Supercenter or whatever it is called in Worcester MA this past weekend. They had what looked like full briskets for $2.49 a pound that were between 8-12 pounds. These OK? They looked pretty generic but appeared to be full packers. I didn't know a full packer was as small as 8lbs....

Most of what I see around here are flats and usually $4.50/lb. Would like to try a larger cut for once...
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