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I have been using a premium nitril coated knit glove.

It is somewhat like the one Vinny mentioned, except only the fingers and palms are dipped, and they are dipped in Nitrile. The glove itself is a very thin mesh. This very thin glove, coupled with the very flexible nitrile coating leads to a really flexible glove that can still accomodate very hot meat. (I can move a grate with them if I am quick, but would not really recommend this use initially)

It is far more flexible than both the fully dipped cotton gloves, and the "Raichlen Style" gloves which are very cumbersome to me.

I get mine for 3-4 bucks at the hardware store, and they last a few uses as food movers, then get moved over to a few uses of pit cleaners, then tossed.
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