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My brother and I are going to make our first UDS for my father for his B-day/Fathers day and I was hoping that you guys can help me with a few things. The first thing is, if I get a food grade 55 gallon steel drum and get it sandblasted to remove the liner, do I still have to burn it afterwards? Or do I burn it 1st and sandblast whatever is left including the remaining outside paint?
If you are getting the drum sand blasted then you won't need to burn it out. The blasting literally gets rid of everything right back to the steel itself. In my opinion it's far better as there is no mess involved when getting it blasted. Sandblasting may cost a few $$$ but if you think about it, you will actually save that on all of the sanding discs etc that you will need to clean and sand it if you burnt it out. I got mine soda blasted and I was very happy. Did my first cook a few days ago
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