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Default Controller developed for Wood Pellet Smoker

If you search for Sous Vide, you will find that it is critical to keep meat temperature under 66 C degree.
Unfortunately most smokers control temperature of SMOKER, not the MEAT.
Even worse, if you visit, you will find MANY wood pellet smokers have temperature fluctuation of + - 20 to 30 F. Also from this site that several people try to upgrade original controller by an PID thermostat.
Encouraged by these pioneers, I upgrade our electric controller of FOX and PIGEON to BEAR.

BEAR is developed for wood pellet smoker.
But it can be also used for stick pit, electric pit, sous vide, or most temperature control at your kitchen

dual Probes, one for Pit, the other for Meat. Input voltage 80 to 260 VAC, Maximum current 15A.

MAIN for auger motor,
FAN/SMOKER for Fan or smoke generator,
IGNITE for igniting or re-igniting.

8 different temperature stages of PIT, When MEAT temperature reaches to TARGET value, the PIT will be driven by MEAT temperature.
Output of FAN can be independent from MAIN, or can be synchronized with MAIN.
When Pit temperature falls below pre-set Value, IGNITE will re-ignite for pre-set time interval.If fails to rise above pre-set value, It will stop for pre-set time interval, and re-ignite again. If fails second time, it will send out alarm and stop the full system.
Alarm on/off optional for neibhor friendly.
PAUSE button for opening cover of PIT.
C-F optional

No.1 certainly for upgrading present wood pellet smoker/grill.
No.2. For charcoal/stick burning smoker/grill, simply link MAIN to fan.
No.3. For electric smoker/grill. Connect MAIN to heating element, and SMOKE/FAN to smoke generator,
NO.4 Sous Vide.
No.5 any temperature control at your kitchen

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