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Default 55 Gallon Drum Extension Ring?

I have the Weber 22.5 OTG grill and a Smokenator 1000. I'm getting used to the Smokenator and like it. But the short comings of the set up in terms of size is hitting me quickly. I am making a "hover grill" out of an older grill grate that should fit under the dome.

But I'd really like to kick it up a bit by fabricating an extension ring, similar to the Cajun Bandit and other rotisserie setups or the Smoke EZ design. However, I'm in the Philippines so shipping those across the Pacific is expensive compared to getting a used 55 gallon drum here and having a fabricator do some modifications.

Since this will be used for smoking, I need good seals, at least 1 door to feed the Smokenator occasionally and I will probably do rods across the top so I can simply hang what I want to smoke from them: sausages, bacon, and ribs. A second Weber grill grate, if I can find one here or get one shipped would be for items that won't "drape" well.

Any pointers on how to do the rims where the drum will meet the kettle and the lid so I don't have big air leaks?
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