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It took me way too long to get my charcoal basket welded, but yesterday it was done. In the meantime my neighbor and I built a cart out of old L channel he had around, painted it, put shelves on, and even figured out how to hinge a flat top. Since he's a plumber, all things can be solved with the judicious application of pipe.

Hosed it down inside with Walmart brand Pam and left it run for a couple of hours last night with all 3 inlets open. Pegged the thermometer at 475 when I went to check and shut it down before bed. From the charcoal left in the basket, I think we did a real good job with keeping it airtight.

All I have left is to drill 2 holes for my temperature probes to run through. Using 3/8" brass close nipples and lock nuts for the entryway.

I'm going to drill a hole through the center of 2 silicone rubber stoppers, maybe slit the stoppers to get the probes throughv(or drill the hole large enough) and then seal the stopper ends up with some Sugru.

Think I'll go to the grocery store after work and cook an inaugural naked fatty on it tonight.

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