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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by 10_Bears View Post
Dont think there's any liner in there. Mine came out the same after a sand blast. Just has a coarse finish that's all. Is that right GRAVITYGUY???
Yeah thats right, the blasting makes the surface quite rough. The inside was completely orange before so the lining has definitely gone.

I've actually just completed my first trial run. I didn't actually intend cooking but I couldn't resist so I went out and bought a fresh to chicken to just throw on and see how it turned out. I used about 1.5 chimneys worth of charcoal and 2 good size chunks of maple wood. Chicken was amazing and the charcoal is still smouldering away 6 hours later! I can't believe how little charcoal is actually needed. See below for a picture of my first chicken.


It propbably wasn't the best smoked chicken in the world as I literally just threw it on and hoped for the best. Even still, it tasted fantastic. I can't wait to see what things taste like when I add rubs etc!!

Thanks everyone for posting and allowing to build my UDS, I couldn't have done it without the posts on here!

I'll carry on updating as I get more proficient and hopefully i'll be able to help others in the future
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