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Exclamation It has begun....Our Custom Santa Maria Grill build!!!


First off I'm proud to be a member of a wonderful site who so far has provided me information, recipes, know-how's and most important new friendships!
So I finally convinced the wife that we need a custom Santa Maria Grill in our backyard something that I've been dreaming of for at least 5 years and so it has begun.

Before I go on let me thank IGotGas "Chad" from this site who is amazing and I'll be forever thankful for him offering up his help and shop without him this really wouldn't have happened!

So I looked high and low for a Santa Maria Grill insert that would work for what I needed found a couple decent one's but nothing worth the thousands they wanted just imagine the price when I wanted it customized! So I decided to draw it up and Chad is helping me bring it alive. The pictures below are the start of what is desgined to be 2 grill grates on 1 frame with 2 seperate raising wheels. 1 grate will be 14" wide x 30" deep which will be used for slow cooking tri-tips, pork butts etc..the larger grate is 34" wide x 30" deep and will be used for the large bbq parties for quick cooks, like burgers, hot dogs, shrimp, corn etc..

We have looked at many of your builds here and love everything we see, we've adopted a few ideas from one person and a little from another etc...until we've came up with what we believe we want.

Below we share our Santa Maria Grill build info with you. Please feel free to comment, add recommendations and please don't take it easy on us. We want to kow if something doesn' look right.

Our metal load. IGOTGAS can fill you in more on the specs but I think I can get some of it right. We are using 4"x4" angel iron for the frame that will sit on top of my masonry box. 3/8" 304 SS bars for grate. The entire frame including from around grates is all Carbon Steel. Chad can tell you the rest :) There's a lot of meta there even though it doesn't look like it lol.

Chad marked where I will drill the I believe 3/8" hole for the 3/8" SS to go into. I believe this is 1 1/4" Channel Iron. This will be used as the grate frame.

The drilling of the grate holes has begun

Here's a close up of the holes I drilled into the channel iron for the grate frame.

Chad Grinding welded 2 - 1" angle irons together that will be welded to the grate frame that will guide the frame.

Here I am smoothing out the weld from the 2 - 1" inch angle irons that Chad welded.

Here is the large grate (34"x 30") laid out after everything was cut.

Small grate laid out and almost done. Chad smoothing out ends on cut.

Close-up of the 3/8" 304 SS grate inserted into the frame. This shows the lower cross support that will help with weight distribution. This was being done on the smaller grate 14" x 30".

Small grate 14"x 30" laid out and squared just waiting for weld.

We have many more pictures to post but this is just to get the thread started and people's mind turning with idea/suggestions they can give us.

Thank you all again for your help!

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