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Default What the hell is wrong with me?

Made it thru the fish fry with my sanity somewhat intact. But now the real insanity starts. Our church puts on a Christian rock concert with another area church every year. Two bands, starting around 5:00pm till about 9:00pm. They usually serve a buffet style dinner with burgers and dogs. This year they want to step up the food aspect, and do pulled pork sammies.

That's cool. But I'm the only one with any real BBQ experience, so I've been nominated to cook pork butts for 150-200 people, on my COS Chargriller smokin pro (one of the old church ladies offered to cook a couple in her crock pots if it would help). I can do 5, maybe six 8-9# butts at a time. I'm guessing this will take 16-20 butts to pull off.

My plan is to have it all done by the day before and pull/vacuum seal, than reheat in the bags with boiling water the day of the event, holding in roasters during service.

Any ideas for doing this better? Buying a bigger smoker is not in the plans right now, although if this comes off well, the church has talked about acquiring something to better handle this type of event.
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