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Well, I hear you on your concerns, DMSinTexas. I've made mistakes in the past and will in the future, but hopefully nothing lethal. The cost of shipping here precludes me doing pre-formulated cures. The cure is such a small portion and salt is both abundant and cheap but shipping across the ocean is not, whether I use the cheaper container ship or more expensive air freight choice.

I will read the instructions and I do have both measuring equipment and scales. I'm adding the Morton TQ because I have some specific recipes that I want to try exactly the way they are written, without substitutions. I want to do half a dozen different styles of pork belly bacon, both to see what my family likes best and just to get familiar with it. Doing it yourself is a very common phenomena for expats abroad. Otherwise they get grumpy and go home.

EatonHoggBBQ - sorry you posted while I was composing my reply to DMSinTexas. Interesting! But not completely always true, I fear, since I see a number of vendors that sell a pink version labeled Prague Powder #2 or Insta-cure #2. So apparently it is available in both white and pink versions. Which is good to know and I thank you for sharing that!
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