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The long shipping time is based on the cheaper container ship transit. I have two pizza stones and pizza kettle add-on for my Weber coming that way. The 6 weeks is an optimistic estimate. I hit six weeks tomorrow on that shipment and it hasn't arrived in Manila yet, to heck with clearing customs and getting shipped to my house up the mountain.

Nick, interesting and I'm tempted to do one small batch with it, since it doesn't turn into rat poison, particularly if I do a very low temp smoke on it, in the 135F or lower range. I'm still puzzled how Prague #2 can be used in air dried sausage that is later cooked at high temps and be bad in low temp manufacture but cooked later at high temp. Pepperoni is made with #2 and often cooked as part of a pizza in a wood fired pizza ovens that go 800F or more, which to me is high temp cooking.

Most of my bacon (commercially purchased) has been cooked a package at a time on a sheet pan with a wire grid at 400F. I save the bacon grease for other uses and after cooling the bacon, I keep it in the fridge, bagged, for quick reheating and use.

But ultimately, I agree with NBBD, better safe than sorry.
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