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Originally Posted by KSims1868 View Post
How long are y'all getting out of your barrels?
I've been noticing that my barrel is about to need replacing soon. I think I biult this thing a little over 2 years ago. It stays in the garage, but have to's taken a few heavy rain showers unfortunately when I was too "tired" to drag it back in the garage.
My uds is about 20 months old and sits outside on my front porch. I have a cheap "wally world" cover on it, and it shows no sign of rusting out. I don't let the ashes stay in it more than a couple of days after a smoke.

When I seasoned it, I used a good coating of Pam spray on it. It has a good coating built up on it and I don't think it would rust. I have never cleaned it out as it doesn't seem to need it. I occasionally spray the pipe nipples to keep them from rusting up.

Most moisture seems to gather in the briquets so the drum stays dry all the time and none seems to puddle up as some people have mentioned. I do save the un-burned coal for the next smoke.
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