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Found some matches.
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Thanks coewar :)

I've managed to find an old washing machine tub on ebay which I now have in my back yard. Looks like it has the potential to be a great charcoal basket. The only thing though that I think may not be good are the 3 big ridges inside. They stick up about 1.5"-2". Will this affect the burn of the coals or will it be ok? I've added a photo to show you what I mean

washing tub.jpg

Its also a lot wider than I imagined it to be. I know people have used them before but I can't help thinking that there will be too much surface area and therefore it will require a hell of a lot of charcoal. The total diameter is 19". Also, how much charcoal would you put into this for a decent burn?

Sorry, that is a lot of questions but I'm so close to finishing I can almost taste those ribs and brisket already

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