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It says, and I quote, "Prague Powder 250 grams" Hence the confusion. I will trundle back to the store I bought it at, but I do not expect anything except, "Sorry, sir, we don't know."

It seems to me that the Sodium Nitrate in #2, often described as "time capsules" of protection for air dried meats, shouldn't be a problem for cooked meats, but I hate to make bacon and feed it to my family based on an assumption.

Getting the "good" stuff, i.e. labeled Prague Powder #1 from the States is a 45 to 60 day process as I am impatiently waiting for my Pizza Kettle and some stuff for cheese making to show up. If #2 is okay for bacon, I'm good to go regardless. No Morton TenderQuick around these parts either. Drat!

Rereading the post above me:

Okay, so Prague #2 is used in air dried meats, but sometimes those meats are fried occasionally as part of food prep. Bologna in a fried bologna sandwich is often hit with high heat. Pizza made in WFO hits 700F to 1000F, no pepperoni allowed? I'm not disputing Matt A's post, just puzzled.
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