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Default Problem with CyberQ Wifi setup

I just received a CyberQ Wifi today and I'm having problems getting it to deliver a web page.

It's a very laborious, but not difficult, setup to enter the settings in to set up wifi. You have to scroll through the alphabet upper and lower case and numbers getting to the one you want. Anyhow, my plan is to use it in infrastructure mode with a reserved internal DHCP address within 20 feet of an access point. No problem with signal at that location. However, it doesn't present a web page no matter what I do, but it is on the network and it does receive the reserved IP address and proper subnet mask, DNS setting and default gateway. It's been rebooted and returned to factory defaults and set up again and again.

First question for other CyberQ Wifi users: Should it respond to a ping? The one that I have doesn't which may explain the lack of a web page.

I don't see a setting anywhere to turn on / off the web interface, so I'll assume it's on all the time.

That's where I am sitting right now. For the record, it doesn't deliver a web page in Ad Hoc mode, either. I connect to the SSID, but can't get any further there. The IPs were in the same subnet.

Looks defective to me. Uh, oh. Support call tomorrow coming up.

--North Is Up
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