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First time poster, actually found this site by searching for more information on the Chargriller Kamado. I have to say that the video reviews were quite insightful and pushed me over the ledge towards the purchase of one. Went and picked one up on Saturday morning. Put it together, seasoned it, and played with temperature control for the duration of that. Having always cooked with gas grills other than when camping and when using hickory strips for cooking shoulders with my father and grandfather growing up, this was was my first foray into using charcoal. I am slightly intimidated by this method, but anxious to delve into it further. I was able to keep my temp between 400 and 425 during the seasoning, and when I opened the vents and let it get up to around 650 for steaks (which were great!) it worked well. I anticipate doing ribs next weekend and need some advice on how much fuel to use when getting the fire started. I have Frontier lump charcoal (only thing Lowe's had in stock) and also have hickory chunks. My fear is that it will get too hot too quickly and I won't be able to get it under control.
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