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Default Vision Kamado - Indirect Setup

Hi all,

I don't usually post to forums but since I got some good info from this site I figured I would contribute what I am using for an indirect cooking setup in the Vision Kamado Costco sells.

I recently bought a Vision Classic Kamado and have been doing research on the best setup for indirect cooking with this unit. The stone sold by Vision looks adequate but I was looking for more flexibility and cooking options. After much research I decided to give the Kamado Joe heat deflector a try and here is what I short it worked great!

The rack that came with the deflector fits the Vision fire box quite well. I went to work with my Dremel and made 3 notches similar to the ones on the KJ fire ring. The notches are not needed to make this setup work but they really lock the rack to the firebox and make it feel very solid.
Rack only.jpg

Here is a pic of the rack with the deflector plate installed. The gap between the plate and box is 3/4". I was a little concerned this might not be enough but it worked quite well.

The Vision grill also fit right on the KJ rack. This setup puts the grill height about 1" above the lip of the lower half...about perfect height!
Rack and deflector.jpg

To tests things out I loaded the grill up and put a full brisket on. After 12+ hours I was still holding 225 and things were looking really good.
brisket on grill.jpg

Here is the final result. Nice moist and great smokey taste!
Brisket done.jpg

All in all the deflector worked out great. It put the bottom grill right where I wanted it, works great for low and slow, and I am positive it will work well for pizza etc.. Hopefully this post will help others in their search for an indirect setup for these great grills.

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