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Default questions for 4-hour serving event

So I just got this last minute request to cater an event for 80 people tomorrow. I'm just getting started and most of what I've done has been pre-order, pick it up when it's ready type stuff. For this one, they want 2 kinds of meat for sandwiches and I'll be doing a few cold sides. I'm not worried about keeping pulled pork warm and serving it over the course of 4 hours. What has me a little nervous is they want tri-tip as well. That's kind of a serve-when-ready meat in my mind. I'm worried that putting it in a chafing tray for 4 hours is gonna completely kill/over-cook it. The other issue is the budget they had for a taco truck is gonna make it tough to provide tri-tip anyway. Just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions for keeping medium to med-rear tri-tip in good serving condition for that long. Can it be done?
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