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for a number of years i had been thinking of a multi needle injector but never got around to it until my son knucklhed made me a single needle pump up injector system.

when the inside of your head is like a speeding derailed train going over a cliff, one needle is way to slow.

also, they say when you inject something it should be in a 1" grid pattern but i find that after the first few injections all the squirt-out covers my holes and i can't figure out where my 1" marks are. so then i'm like a dyslexic monkey on crack just stabbing at it not getting anywhere near the 1" grid.

So out of frustration i made the multi-needle injector. My first thought was to make it with about a dozen needles but I started out doing 6 just to get the idea down and it worked fantastical. i can inject a brisket in seconds with a perfect pattern same for anything else.

swamperb used it on a hole hog but he said the needles where to small. at the time i only had the smaller needles. now i have ones that actually hurt when you stab yourself.


i cut a piece of acrylic 4"L X 2"H X 1"Thick. i drilled 1/4" holes about 1" deep where the needles would go ( I spaced them about 5/8Ē apart) followed by a larger drill bit in the same hole about 1/2 deep. then i drilled a long 1/4" horizontal hole to connect them all.

then i took some syringes and cut off about a 1/2" off the ends where the needle connects, and inserted them into the bigger holes that i made (I made the holes a little undersized so it would be a very tight fit) now i would be able to interchange big to small needles. i threaded the horizontal hole for a barbed fitting and it was done. the first one took about 2hrs or so.

then bought a 1 3/4 liter flo master pump up sprayer from home depot and modified it with a barbed fitting then attached the tubing and bada boom bada bing.

I have been thinking about selling them on my site as a number of guys have been asking for them but Iím not sure what to charge. Just for the parts including sprayer, needles etc I have about $36 into it. Any thoughts as to what itís worth?

the yellow you see around the needles is the super glue i used to hold the syringes tips in. i will use something different next time.

1. Gas UDS 1. charcoal UDS
2. Big gassers 2. 22.5 kettles
a torch and weed burner in case the others fail, or i just want to burn somthin.

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