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Originally Posted by Grant968 View Post
Great ideas for ios apps. Looking forward to downloading one or more apps to my iPad and iPhone.

Succeeded in getting my CyberQ WiFi to recognize my household Internet WiFi router. Now I must work on a gateway to access the CyberQ device via the Internet; can't do that yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Certainly would be easier if there were an app with all the good features discussed here, and most important to me and future users - -
download-and-play, no brainier up-and-run!
If you got on the network, the tough part is probably done. If you left the CyberQ configured for DHCP, then the default gateway is set automatically. If not, just enter the IP address of your router.

To access your CyberQ from the internet, you're going to need two things: Your external IP address, and a "Port Forwarding Rule" entered in your router that allows internet traffic to reach your CyberQ.

Obtaining your external IP address is simple - you can just go to a web page such as and write down your IP address. This is what you will enter in your phone or browser when you're not at home.

Configuring your port forwarding rule is going to be specific to the router that you have, so you'll need to look at your router documentation or help files to see exactly how you need to go about doing it, but the gist of it is this. You want to select an external port that is somewhat of a high, random number that you can remember - maybe your zip code or your dog's birthday or something (let's say 33444 for the sake of this example). The web server on the CyberQ runs on port 80 (the "normal" port for a web server). Let's say your CyberQ is on In your router, you want to forward external port 33444 to the internal address and internal port 80.

Once you've set up the port forwarding rule, you should be able to open a web browser and enter http://<your external address>:<your external port> and see the CyberQ. It is important that you use the colon and external port when you enter the address! Also note that your external IP address may change occasionally.

Some older routers make you use the same external and internal port numbers. If your router is one of those, I would discourage you from making the CyberQ accessible as there is NO authentication so anyone that finds your system can easily mess with your cooker!
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