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Any idea if this will work for a new braunfels hondo smoker and for andriod
The CyberQ can work with any smoker that you can buy or make an adapter to connect the fan to, as long as the cooker does not require a fan that draws more current than the CyberQ can supply. It looks like fans up to 25CFM are available. Here is the published list, there may be something here that will work for you.

As for working with Android, the web interface works just fine with my Android phone. My particular phone/ROM did not support the AD-HOC network needed for the initial configuration, so I had to use my laptop to get the CyberQ joined to my network. I'm in the middle of developing an android app that I hope will be a little lighter weight than the Web interface and will provide some temperature graphing/trending. No ETA on when I'll have anything good enough to share yet, unfortunately. I'm sure I'm not the only one working on mobile apps though.
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