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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
In the above apps, can the food probes be re named by the operator? You might want the first probe to be pork, the second brisket, the third chicken. It might be handy for someone competing.

Will the new cyber wifi support multi food probes ( more than 3)?
In the CyberQ you can rename the probes via the web interface. Obtaining the probe names and the cook and probe temperature setpoints is not as simple as obtaining the temperatures for the probes because they are not published in the XML status document. I am currently getting them by download the main UI web page and using regular expressions to extract them from the javascript inside the page - this is one of the changes we'll be asking for if we can get a discussion going with someone at the mother ship.

One cook probe and three food probes is the limit for this hardware. An app author could potentially support multiple CyberQ WiFi units in one interface to allow you to handle multiple pits from one app, but that would be up to the app author.
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