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NorthwestBBQ, sounds good in theory, but it would be like asking a McDonalds employee the secret to their <insert food of choice from McD>. They probably don't know and if they did they wouldn't tell for fear of losing their job. And while most speak some English here, discussing the "recipe" and all it entails, would be considered "nose bleed" territory. Sadly, my Tagalog is as deficient as their English, for the most part.

Pitmaster T Sorry, I did not see the link to the Maybelle glaze when I first read your reply and thought it was part of your signature, not an answer to my question. I do apologize for reading too quickly. It is a bad habit of mine. And I love a good story, such Maybelle's. Very very cool. I'm downloading the youtube episode as I type my apology. So, thanks very much for the guidance and sharing. Very thoughtful of you. I don't really have any recipes for BBQ here yet to share back, but when I do, rest assured, I will happily provide them to any of the BBQ Brethren that are interested!

(Strike Through all this -->) I don't just like the Philippines, I love the place for all its warts. Different countries, different cultures. (<-- Right down to Here)

PatioDaddio, Thanks! That is very close to it. And I love that your recipe is very do-able here except for the Franks Hot Sauce part. I keep running into recipes that call for Franks, must be good stuff. There is local hot sauce which are usually pretty one dimensional and Tabasco. I suppose Tabasco could stand in, though not truly fulfill Franks H.S. role in the recipe?
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