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Originally Posted by Tatoosh View Post
I was at a big mall in Manila where a Korean owned franchise was serving a very spicy chicken with a very sweet, almost candy like glaze on it. The spice was a bit much for me, three bites in and my tastebuds were gone. But I really enjoyed the sweet, slightly sticky yet almost hard glaze. The restaurant, though staffed by Filipinos, was covered with English and Korean menus and advertising. I got the impression the franchise or at least the chicken recipe originated in the USA. They offered other formats, a soy (sauce) based chicken and a garlic chicken but all had the very sweet glaze.

Anyone run into a sweet glaze like this? Probably sugar (white or brown), honey, and some spices, I am guessing. Maybe similar to the Jack Daniels glaze or bourbon glazes I've run across but never made or tasted.
Why didn't you just ask the people at the restaurant?
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