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Originally Posted by ButchB View Post
Thanks! Digi...are you happy with yours? What did you figure out on the water entering the smoker? Have you cooked with it with no temp controller? So he will deduct $300 if you don't need the controller? Thanks again
so far it seems pretty sound... although i've only done the seasoning, i watched for several hours and no smoke leaks anywhere that i've seen. waiting on a response on the water. the only thing that i can imagine is that i'm gonna have to tighten down the latches or run a bead of high temp silicone all along the rope gasket... unless Jeff has another idea...

i did the seasoning with no controller on it, since i don't have the adapter for my stoker yet (on it's way from Rock's), and it was not all that bad... i'm so used to the stoker that it took me a bit to get it figured out... took almost an hour to get it to 250 with the ball valve open all the way and that's where it seemed to hum along. i had to open the firebox door knock the grate a bit to get and leave the door open to get it up to 375-400, but then closed the door and left the ball valve about 1/2 open and it hummed between 375-425... so i imagine the stoker will take care of that if i want to do higher cooks... of course this is all judging by the temp gauge on the door...

and yes he took off $300 for no guru...
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