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Okay, last set of the very flat ribs. Much better but still not great. Partially due to the cut, partially overcooked again, even though I cut my smoke time in half. I did learn more about controlling my Weber/Smokenator combo.

All though the grey skin had been pulled earlier, it seemed like the ribs had two sets and one still remained. The meat was done, I could have had them on for less time, maybe just 1 hour. The one section that had some fat was still pretty juicy, so I think a better cut would have come off much nicer. With no brine, they were not too salty. In fact, they could have benefited from more salt in the rub. I used some Trader Joe's Bold and Saucy BBQ sauce since that is what we had on the shelf. Not so much in choices of BBQ sauce here, usually if you want something different, you need to make it yourself.

All in all, a much more pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sipping cola on the balcony, adjusting the temps on the Weber and listening to the neighborhood children play in the street. Occasionally reading a bit more of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin on my plain-jane Kindle. Once and awhile a small cloud would sprinkle us with a short shower and the women would run out to pull their clothes off the clothesline, only to bring them back when it quit.

One photo has been removed by Image Shack for violating their terms of service. Not sure what is going on with that since it was a photo of a single pork rib showing the smoke ring.

Where there was meat, it smoked nicely. The ribs pulled back and I think it was a bit overcooked, even though I changed from 3-2-1 to about half that or less. Still, much much better than yesterday's fiasco!
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