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NorthwestBBQ, I definitely hear you about the brine part. I know that most of this is simply experience and I will have to sacrifice a few sets to learning and making mistakes. And the meat cutters simply are not trained in the cuts we are use to in the States. They get 60 days of Philippine training and that is how they do it. I can't blame them, but my brother-in-law will listen to my request a lot better than the cutter behind the counter at the local grocery store or meat stall. Plus I have to learn to deal with what is here. They were selling the cut you illustrated until recently. Someone new must be doing their cutting since I'm seeing the flatter spareribs in the meat display these days per my previous photo. I did not have to trim those ribs at all except to remove the grey skin on the back of the rib rack.

I'm curious to you comment about Meathead. Do you think his advice, for the most part, is off or just very commercially self-serving? I bought the smokenator based on what I saw on his website. It works okay, but if I'd been hanging out here, I would have started with a couple of firebricks and charcoal on each side with indirect area in the middle. Oh well, I have the Smokenator now so I'm determined to make it work.
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