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CarolinaQue, that is my plan. I will foil after an hour and half. I will be more careful during foiling and try to keep my Weber from having such a wild temperature overrun as it did with my first try. Just need to put the lid back on while we wrap.

Dadsr4, I've already done the rub, so you think olive oil over the rub? Or would you mix the rub into oil next time?

I have a brother-in-law learning the meat cutting trade down in Manila, a six hour trip by bus, but I'm hoping he will be assigned closer after his apprentice period. I'd have a running shot at getting ribs cut with a bit more meat if he was involved.

Ribs from the big commercial supermarket here cost about $5.00 a kilo (2.2lbs) Below is a photo of the last rack of closely trimmed ribs which tend to a lot of bone and not much meat.

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