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The best way to check for doneness on ribs is the bend test IMO. Run a pair of tongs up the rack to about rib 5 or 6 and pick the ribs up off of the grill bone side down. If the free end of the ribs bends straight to the ground and the meat looks like it's going to break away from the bones closest to the tongs, or if is just starting to break away, the ribs are done.

With that said, some ribs just can't be cooked on the grill/smoker. And I'd say that the ones you had here, were a prime candidate for your beloves sous vide method, or even the crock pot.

It looks like they were from a very lean pig, or had all of the belly meat cut away and left none for the ribs them selves. But being as you're in the Philippines, I'd say that the quality of the pork is just to lean.

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