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I don't relish the idea of leaning inside of that thing to clean the bottom. An ash pan will only catch so much and I want easy access. SO! Here's my question/idea. Cut the drum into two halves at ~2" above the fire basket height and add 2" aluminum bar around the outside perimeter of the bottom section so the top section will slide inside of it. If you can picture it the top and bottom will meet at the middle of the 2" aluminum bar and rest on each other. The aluminum bar will serve as a seal and a guide, and will hold it all together. I might also add 2-3 clasps to hold it all together. Has anyone done this and if so what was your result? Cheers!!!
I have a pizza pan mounted to the bottom of my basket to catch the ash. It does a great job, but some ash spills over into the bottom. I take an ordinary garden hoe and a small broom from my fireplace tool set and sweep it onto the hoe. Take about 5 minutes to get it all cleaned out, and no bending into the drum.

I am too old and fat to do much drum diving.
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