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Originally Posted by joe@bge View Post
I am not sure if the BBQ Guru folks hang out here or not - I am fairly new myself. I like your enhancement ideas. I was thinking the same thing about the set points last night when I was working on my app - and the fan override would be a good idea - I just wonder how flexible the hardware is to add new features??
I have a hunch about what the CyberQ is based on under the hood (I haven't taken mine apart yet). If I'm correct, it is very similar to a device that I had to deal with at my job a while back. The hardware is somewhat limited, but adequate in processing power, I/O, and code and data storage size. There should be room to add some small additional features that allow an external app to provide any desired capabilities, but don't expect large new feature sets to be implemented on the device itself.

We made a shockingly similar set of requests for enhancements and it was not much effort at all for the developer to add them. The setpoint enhancements and jsonp presentation should be very simple - that is just a new presentation of variables that already exist in the web pages. The fan override stuff is probably doesn't exist as-is internally, but should be straightforward to add.
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