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Originally Posted by fatdoggie View Post
Does anyone know if any of the BBQ Guru folks hang out around here? I'd love to know how receptive they are to feature requests for future releases (or if they even have future software updates planned).

Some of the things that I think could be added with nearly trivial effort, but would yield big advantages for application developers:
  • Add an additional status document/page in JSONP format as palmtreerfb mentions. This will all cross-domain ajax requests to work, so there is much that can be done in a web page (no "app" required).
  • Add the cook, food1, food2, food3 setpoints to the status output. Currently they only exist in the main status page, making them inconvenient to obtain.
  • Add a "fan override" Boolean and possibly a "fan override percent" integer post variables. This could allow an external app to implement completely custom cook logic.
Other suggestions or ideas?
I am not sure if the BBQ Guru folks hang out here or not - I am fairly new myself. I like your enhancement ideas. I was thinking the same thing about the set points last night when I was working on my app - and the fan override would be a good idea - I just wonder how flexible the hardware is to add new features??
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