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Originally Posted by BobM View Post
Doggie: Lemme lay this out, maybe you, or sombody else knows?

One feature of the BBQ Guru systems (I was looking at a DigiQ DX2), that I like is the open lid detection system. From what I've read, it works well. I've read the CyberQ WiFi .pdf file, and it does have this feature.
In my research, The Rock's Bar-B-Que Stoker system does not have an automatic open lid detect system. You have to bring up a menu, and manually turn off the fan for 5 minutes. To me, that just seems annoying. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's better.

Do you know if the Stoker open lid system is indeed manual? Is it clunky to use?
Do you know how well the CyberQ WiFi open lid system works?

I've never used a Stoker, so I can't say if it has an open-lid detection system or not.

The CyberQ only presents the Open Lid Detection as an On/Off setting and doesn't elaborate too much in the documentation exactly how it works.

I haven't had much time at all with the CyberQ yet, but the way I understand it to work is that if the pit temps drops fairly quickly and substantially, this is assumed to be an open lid condition, rather than a normal temperature fluctuation so the fan cycle is reduced or suspended. Once the pit temp is back up to some point, the open lid condition is cleared and the normal program resumes. Unfortunately, the Lid State is not reflected in the status.xml document or LCD (at least that I've found...), so you can't tell when the CyberQ "thinks" the lid is open to determine if the Open Lid Detection is helping or hindering you.

Of course it takes a few seconds of the lid being open for the metal pit probe to cool enough to detect a temperature change, so for a quick peek, the open lid detect may never come into play.
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