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Default CyberQ WiFi Web Service Info (Super Nerdy)

I just got my WiFi Guru in late this afternoon. I haven't had time to hook it up to my BGE yet, but I did get it on the network and started poking around under the hood to see how it works and what I would need to do to get and Android app capable of doing some basic configuration and alarming.

Here is a link to the documentation I've compiled about the XML status and HTTP posts variables:

The Good:
  • The most important status items are available for read via XML over HTTP and all writes are done via HTTP posts. It's about as simple an interface as I would have reasonably expected to hope for
  • All POSTs can be done to the "/" URI, so in theory, you can write any (all?) variables in one go without having to worry about what vars belong to what page.
  • Once the WiFi was set up correctly, I had no problems connecting to my WPA2 network and accessing from any of my devices. The simple UI probably even works OK with very old web browsers (I saw explicit support for IE6 in the javascript)

The Not Quite So Good:
  • The GUI is unsecured for both reads and writes, so be careful about putting it on the internet on standard ports!
  • The CPU seems to be VERY low powered - It takes a while to spit out the HTML and small image for the main page (the XML for status.xml is fast though). Between the speed and some of the comments in the code, I'd guess this little guy is running on a PIC or similar embedded microcontroller and not a bigger ARM based system. This means adding lots of internal features later on probably can't be done (HTTPS and auth, for example would be tough).

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the overall design of the system and the CPU is plenty fast enough to feed the raw status XML to a mobile, desktop, or web based app that can provide enhanced logging/graphing and control if desired.
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