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Originally Posted by Podge View Post
It's a sponsorship that Sam's has with KCBS, and for them to get something out of that sponsorship, they gave this survey. Sam's just can't give give and give.
I hope the " give give and give" was sarcasm. Sam's Club national and the Sam's Club local stores make out like bandits.
I have no problem with Sam's Club sponsoring the events but they aren't hurt in the least. WalMart Corporation has the 19th largest economy in the world when compared to all nations reporting, they can give, give, and give all they want.

I would like to see a member survey that allowed for more input into the dealings and workings of KCBS. I am putting a great deal of faith in the four new candidates to make graudual changes and I am realizing they are doing their best and things take time.
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