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Originally Posted by Fornia View Post
Hoping to use 2 gurus on our UDS' for an upcoming kcbs competition.

Although I'm an Egghead, I have little to no experience with a Guru and hoping someone can ease my mind/put us in the right direction. In our newness to competitions, we need to get as much rest as possible...and last year was a constant worry about our drums bumping around all night.

I bought Guru's 3/4" threaded adapter for the ball valve....We have 1 cooking grate, with a grate slight below, where we normally place a deep dish pizza pan as the difuser.

-Am I capping all other intakes?

-Any advice on how to light when using a Guru?
Note:Without a Guru, we normally light 1/2 chimney, and place on top of the full charcoal basket.

-Any advice on how/where to set the pit temp probe? (I did buy the rubber grate post Guru sells)

-In regards to the deep dish pizza plate 'heat difuser' we've been using...should we keep it in? I'd actually like to replace it with an aluminum pan with water for the same deal I guess, right? Ok to use this?

In the end....I guess it'll be advantageous to test these out this I guess I'm just looking for any general yeas/no's with using a Guru on a drum.

Thanks for any and all help....and my apologies for going well into things. The mind of a guy trying to chase the bbq dream? ;)
Yes, cap all other intakes.
Light it the same way you always did.
I run my probes through the vent holes in the dome, but a hole and grommet is in my future
I use a 16" clay pot base wrapped in foil.

Here's my hot rod UDS.

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