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Default Rookie Seeks Advice

I've enjoyed reading through several of the posts in the Catering thread regarding equipment, HD regs, insurance, etc. It's given me a lot to think about and I've learned a great deal. I'd appreciate some feedback on my particular situation.

I'm drafting my business plan to start my own BBQ catering business. I don't have my own cash reserves and I don't want to acquire a ton of debt to get started. Although, I don't mind borrowing a little to get the ball rolling. I'd like to start small and build my business.

I'm considering purchasing a van that will allow me to haul my equipment as well as tow a smoker (considering a Lang 84). I'd like to find a local VFW or VFD that has an approved commissary that will rent me the space to do my prep work and cook. I'd like to start catering with occasional vending around town.

Does this sound feasible? Should I forget the van and bite the bullet and get a truck and concession trailer/mobile kitchen?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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