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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
Step one, buy a bunch of fuel and wood chunks.

Step two, buy a bunch of large hunks of pork.

Step three, cook a bunch of pork in a short period of time. It's good practice as well.

All the BBQ gunk will build up and seal up any leaks.

All done, plus you have all that nice food to enjoy.

On using a lot of fuel, try not using water in the pan, and just cover it with foil. That should ease the fuel usage, and no water doesn't affect the moisture content/dryness of meat. Meat has all the moisture locked up inside, and releases it's own during the cook.
I cook a TON of butts and picnics so the top/middle, middle/bottom sections don't leak that much b/c of all of the "gunk" you're talking about. The door is my biggest issue...

I def always use water in the water pan, so maybe i'll try a cook w/o it like you recommend. I hear ya and agree w/ your comments about the moisture, but I SWEAR whenever I've cooked on other cookers (mostly offset stick burners) w/ no water, the meat never comes out as juicy as the stuff I do on my WSM. I know there are debates on using water (like on this forum...), and I'm prob just psyching myself out, but I'm a little afraid to not cook w/ water... Guess that just shows my inexperience as I've only really been heavy into cooking my own Q' for about 2 years now...

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