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Default Multi-Tasking the Weber

I have a Weber 22.5 OTG grill that I am using for grilling and smoking, shortly I will be getting a Kettle Pizza insert to use it for a semi-wood fired pizza. My problem right now is the smoking side. I have a Smokenator 1000 insert which I like because it keeps direct heat off the meat. But I am in the Philippines and all the local charcoal, either lump or briquette does not produce temperatures like the charcoal in the U.S. In fact, my last smoke I resorted to a small second fire across from the Smokenator to get my grill temperature at food grate up to 200F to 250F while doing ribs.

On a separate thread, I saw that brother jsperk removed his water pan on the Smokenator and sat a larger one above the unit, using the resulting space for more charcoal. I will try that along with starting with more lit charcoal, which I've been doing in Minion style.

But I'm thinking about using two Smokenators which should fix the problem if the solution above doesn't. And with an add on grill grate, like a "hover grill", I'd have room to do more ribs and chicken.

A secondary challenge is finding suitable quality wood for smoking. Much harder to find good stuff that you know wasn't saturated with pesticides and so forth here in the Philippines. I've been looking at the A-Maze-N smoke box as a solution, getting that and maybe 40 or 60 pounds of hickory and cherry "dust" shipped over.

The maker said he didn't think the A-Maze-N smoke box worked well with charcoal kettles, the charcoal robbing the box of oxygen necessary. I really appreciated his candor. But since the smoker box would sit down on the charcoal grill grate, beside the Smokenator (or between them if I get two) access to oxygen shouldn't be a problem. I leave my bottom vent control completely open and control temp, when necessary, with my dome's exhaust vent. I'm hoping that with the smoke box below or at worst, even with the charcoal and directly above an open vent, it would keep smoldering.

Anyone playing with dual Smokenators or the A-Maze-N smoke box in a Weber Grill or similar setup? I really want to get to where I can do 4 or 5 racks of ribs at a time. I'm hoping this would get me there.

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