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Talking My first Cooking Class

For the last two years, using info gleaned and learned from this site, I have developed a small group of dishes enjoyed by a coterie of teachers and BBQ lovers. Every time we have a staff "gathering," I get tapped to make pulled pork or some variation of my IBTs.

As a result, the Family and Consumer Education teacher asked me if I'd play the role of "guest chef" for her cooking class. I agreed , and the teacher requested IBTs. After a few more discussions, I added some breakfast fatties for the feint of heart.

So...tomorrow morning, I'll get up at 3:00 am to come into school and get the smoker up and rockin' and the food on the smoker. I will prep and cook enough for the students ahead of time, and they'll help me prep another batch which we'll put on the smoker before class ends . They will leave with hands-on experience with the peppers, as well as recipes for both the peppers and the breakfast fatties.

I spoke with the students today and tried to gauge their 'cue knowledge. To most a cookout gets limited to burgers and brats . Many sounded adventurous, and even requested that I leave the seeds and veins in a few peppers they will eat .

I talked a little about layering flavors and trying to get that "complex" taste from your 'cue. They kids seemed excited as I left, and a few even asked how early they could come in to help.

Tonight I'm going to do prep work ahead of time and get my food into the fridge at school. Tomorrow, I'll document the cook and the "lesson" with the kids. I'm excited - as an English teacher, I often do not get to let kids see this side fo me.

Stay tuned...
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