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Default Congrats Sponsored Comp Teams-April Results

Thougth I would post results reported for the month of April from Big Ron's sponsored teams. This is only what was reported and I only wish others using would tell when they win.

Thanks folks for the support and proud to sponsor you!


04-02-12 - Las Vegas NV - KCBS - 111 TEAMS -Lucky's Q-Reserve Grand Champion! 4th in Chicken, 7th in Ribs, 19th in Pork, 17th in Brisket

04-14-12 Kennedale-LSBS-44 TEAMS-Wrapped In Smoke 3rd Chicken, 8th Brisket, 5th Overall

04-14-12 Cypress TX -Non-Sanctioned - 28 TEAMS- Big Ron's Rub -6th Chicken, 6th Ribs

04-20-12 Irving TX-LSBS- 17 TEAMS-Wrapped In Smoke 4th Chicken, 5th Ribs

04-20-12 Buda TX-LSBS-11 TEAMS Creekside Cookers GRAND CHAMPION!! 2nd Beans, 1st Cooks Choice, 1st Chicken, 1st Ribs, 2nd Brisket

04-20-12 Cornelia GA-KCBS-36 TEAMS-Georgia Boys BBQ 2nd Chicken, 7th Pork, 8th Overall

04-20-12 Cornelia GA-KCBS-36 TEAMS-Gold Rush Smokers-10th Pork

04-21-12 Kings Mountain NC-KCBS-43 TEAMS-QueNivorous 2nd Brisket, 9th Overall

04-26-12 Edenton NC-KCBS-33 TEAMS QueNivorous-2nd Ribs, 7th Overall

04-26-12-Mesquite TX- LSBS-50 TEAMS-Wrapped In Smoke Reserve Grand Champion! 1st Chicken, 4th Ribs, 4th Chicken

04-26-12 Freer TX-LSBS TEAMS(not reported) Fat Ash BBQ 5th Chicken

04-26-12 Bishop TX-IBCA-27 TEAMS Big Ron's Rub - 1st Ribs

04-27-12 Edenton NC- KCBS 33 TEAMS QueNivorous Ribs 7th, Pork 8th, Brisket 9th, 8th Overall
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